InTone Device

Intone device: Home therapy for female urinary incontinence

I am a Certified InTone Specialist Who Treats Female Urinary Incontinence with InTonePeachtree Gynecology is pleased to offer InTone therapy for women with bladder leakage. InTone is an FDA approved medical device that is a new nonsurgical option for the treatment of stress incontinence, urge incontinence and mixed (stress and urge) urinary incontinence.

So much more than just doing Kegel Exercises, the Intone device is the first to combine Biofeedback and Electrical Muscle Stimulation in a single unit that takes the patient through an effective muscle training session in only 12 minutes per day. This device uses an inflatable vaginal probe and hand held remote that provides visual biofeedback to encourage proper pelvic floor muscle contractions, as well as voice guided instructions for a physical therapy exercise program. The Electrical Muscle Stimulation component clearly identifies for the patient which muscles she should contract, and activates both short and long muscle fibers so it is effective in treating both stress and urge incontinence. The initial settings and instructions are customized by the physician in the office, but the therapy is performed in the privacy of the patient’s home. However, all of the patient’s home use data is stored in the remote, so the physician can monitor the patient’s progress and compliance in subsequent office visits. Since the patient owns the unit, she can continue the therapy indefinitely if needed.

Pelvic floor physical therapy using Biofeedback and Electrical Muscle Stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles has been an effective treatment for decreasing both stress and urge urinary incontinence for many years. However, the necessity to visit a physical therapy office 2-3 times a week for 8-12 weeks to receive the therapy is unrealistic for today’s busy women. However, now it is possible to get the benefits of both pelvic floor Biofeedback and Electrical Muscle Stimulation with the convenience of a therapy that can be used at home.

Although there is little scientific data on the effectiveness of Intone, it is the first FDA approved device to combine the two BEST non-invasive methods for urinary incontinence. It is also very affordable compared to other home units that offer Electrical Muscle Stimulation only. Furthermore, the company will refund the cost of the device to patients if they are not satisfied with their progress after 3 months of use.

This is a great option for women with stress incontinence who are not quite ready for surgery or may still have some leakage after surgery, as well as women with urge incontinence who are not responding to medication. It may be particularly useful in women trying to regain pelvic floor muscle tone and control following childbirth. We are very excited to be offering this new technology for our patients. Call us today at Peachtree Gynecology and see if this might be the answer for you!