da Vinci Sacral Colpopexy

Sacral Colpopexy is the surgical correction of vaginal and uterine prolapse (falling) using mesh to hold the vagina or uterus in the correct position by attaching it to the ligament overlying the sacral bone. This is considered the gold standard treatment for advanced pelvic organ prolapse. To learn more about da Vinci Surgical procedures offered at Peachtree Gynecology, call us at 678.539.5980.


  • An estimated 30,000+ women have a sacrocolpopexy each year in the U.S.
  • More than 50% of women still have an open sacrocolpopexy, requiring a large abdominal incision
  • Prolapse occurs more often in women who have had multiple children, large babies or who engage in strenuous physical labor

da Vinci Surgery provides precise treatment for gynecologic conditions in a minimally invasive fashion – through tiny incisions instead of a long open incision. da Vinci offers several potential patient benefits compared to open surgery, including:


  • Shorter hospital stay & faster recovery
  • Significantly less pain
  • Tiny incisions for minimal scarring

Click below to watch Dr. Wiskind performing daVinci sacral colpopexy surgery, and to learn more about the benefits of daVinci.