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Overactive Bladder AtlantaThe best overactive bladder treatment in Atlanta. We provide services for women by women with our female gynecologist staff. With the lead Dr. Wiskind being a fellowship trained urogynecologist, Peachtree Gynecology is more than the perfect place to come. An overactive bladder or also know as (OAB) is something that can happen at any time during life, and not at a certain age.

Symptoms include:

  • Sudden, uncontrollable, urge leaks
  • Urinary frequency (more than 8 times/day)
  • Sudden urges to go to the bathroom
  • Frequent nighttime urination (more than 2 times/night)

Sometimes the leakage may be just a few drops, while severe cases may soak through pads and clothes. Overactive bladder symptoms can be made worse if you have a bladder infection or by eating/drinking foods that are known to be bladder irritants, such as caffeine, alcohol and artificial sweeteners. Almost a third of patients with OAB may also have some stress urinary incontinence. Patients with OAB may also have vaginal prolapse, but there is no correlation between prolapse and OAB symptoms.

Watch Now – Dr. Wiskind speaks about Overactive Bladder (WebMD video)


  • Idiopathic (means no clear cause): there seems to be a “disconnect” in the communication between the bladder and the brain. When the bladder thinks it is full, it empties on its own without proper instructions from the brain, i.e. bladder spasm that results in urgency and/or leakage.
  • Neurologic conditions that affect the nerves to the bladder: diabetes, multiple sclerosis, prior stroke.


Other possible causes of symptoms:

  • Urinary tract Infection
  • Sensory Urgency – hypersensitive bladder
  • Interstitial Cystitis – chronic bladder inflammation
  • Overflow Incontinence – incomplete bladder emptying constant dripping like a full bucket constantly leaking over the edge
  • Bladder tumors, stones or polyps


Botox injections to the bladder have also been used in experimental protocols with variable success.

Watch the following HealthWatch Video with Dr. Anne Wiskind, to learn more about the benefits of using Botox injections to treat OAB.

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**Complications of Anticholinergic medications include: dry mouth, constipation, headache, and dizziness. Patients with untreated narrow angle glaucoma and urinary retention cannot use these medications. The medications are most effective when used in together with behavioral therapy including timed voids (emptying by the clock), avoidance of bladder irritants and pelvic floor exercises. Other useful Behavior Modifications include weight loss, caffeine/alcohol reduction, fluid management, decreased heavy lifting, cessation of smoking, and improving constipation.